Charles DuBois

Professional fumigator, part-time pizza delivery man, full-time conman, and master of the lute


Half-Elf Level 2 Bard
Will fill in the number crunching when I have my sheet available, but I’m pretty sure I can get my Diplomacy at least to +19.


Charles DuBois; Charles to his friends, Chuck to the ladies, and “You Spoony Bard!” to anyone in good standing with the law. Charles has had an odd life to be sure. He is the bastard child of the famous and wealthy William DuBois and his elven maid. Charles would have been shipped off, had it not been for the intervention of his half sister, Amelia DuBois, who convinced his father to keep him. In reality, Charles would have been fine either way.

As a child, Charles was restless. Despite being a bastard child, he lived in the lap of luxury. He learned to play the lute, and was very good at it too (Through the Fire and the Flames on Expert good). Charles also discovered, refined, and exploited his natural charisma and good looks to get nearly anything he wanted. Despite all of this, his life was incomplete. The DuBois family had been once known for being a family of world-renown adventurers and explorers; it was even rumored that his great-great-grandfather, Xavier DuBois, saved the world from some impending doom. However, the later generations of the DuBois have been… less spirited. Politicians, lawyers, and fumigators for the most part; even the ambitious ones (like Amelia, who is studying to become a wizard) pale in comparison to the family’s grand history.

So maybe it was the history. Maybe it was the elven blood. Maybe it was the twinkle of innate arcane power given to him by his mother. Maybe it was temporary insanity (most likely). But what ever the reason, the result was Charles deciding to give up his status, give up his inheritance, and hit the road in search of adventure in hopes of restoring glory to the DuBois name. That was the plan at least.

Early in his travels, Charles was highly unsuccessful in his adventuring career. With no real skills at his disposal, he survived through only his wit and charm, bumbling through towns and perilous situations with a certain debonair that only a character with 18 charisma could actually pull off. Fortunately, one late night in a bar, after successfully winning a lute-off, Charles had a chance encounter with a wandering Bard. The actual events of that night remain a drunken haze to Charles, but ever since then he has been learning and refining the arcane art of being a Bard.

About a month after refining his arcane powers to the point where they were actually usable, another chance encounter occurred. Charles encountered an Eladrin rogue by the name of Naestrahan. After he stole Charles’ wallet, he gave it back, and Charles managed to convince the angry mob chasing Naestrahan that this was, “a totally different Eladrin. This is a nice guy,” the two decided to stick to together.

…And I totally made that last bit up just now, and I can’t remember how they met up with the rest of our noble party. Someone please remind me?

Few interesting things about Charles; he loves cats (especially kittens) but he won’t admit it to anyone, he is actually not a half-bad chef, and he has an irrational fear of being on boats. Nobody really knows why.

Charles DuBois

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