An Introduction to Chaos

The Ominous Tower (Synopsis)

42 Ominous Tower Drive... that doesn't sound forboding

Despite being number 42, the old EO house is the only house
on the long and winding “Ominous Tower Drive”, and ends up
being about a two hour walk from Cysgod’s West Gate.
On either side of the porch is a large liger statue, being
the symbol of EO. As the party approached the porch, the statues
started growling, before coming to life and attacking the party.
After defeating the ligers, the party heard some hurried conversation
from inside the house. They ran right in the front door, to find
another guard statue. While fighting this one, two enormous
wererats dressed in backwards baseball caps and polos dropped down
from the rafters to attack them. Upon being killed, they turned back
into fairly bro-ish looking knaves.

Even for a frat house, it is pretty freaking large. As the adventurers traversed
the halls, they passed many rooms which, in all likelihood, were singles at one point.
The rooms are empty, other than a few piles of bones of questionable
origin. Eventually they come to a staircase, which leads both up and down.

Going down the stairs leads to a larger room.
The walls are adorned with tapestries, and there is a fireplace, which is bare.
The adventurers feel a shiver run through their bodies as the temperature drops
significantly. On the far wall is a large mechanical wheel, connected to a large network of gears. Some are dislodged on pegs, and can be pushed in to activate certain gear paths.
The top path snakes up to the ceiling and up into the middle of the room, where it
connects to an axle going into the ceiling. The adventurers can’t tell where it goes.
The bottom path: goes down to the right, and over to the fireplace.
The right path goes to the door of the room.
As the players are considering the gears, they are attacked by two spectral creatures.
The players test out the different gear combinations, which end up locking and unlocking the door to the room, doing something unknown in the ceiling, and causing smoke to come from the fireplace. Enna and Nienna breath it in, causing a warming sensation to wash over the character’s body. They break out into patches of fur on their arms.

Going back up the stairs leads to a door with a large intricate locking system which seems to have been disengaged by the gears below.

Beyond the door is a very large room.
Two long tables run its length, with rows of wooden chairs on either side,
which have apparently not been used in a long time.
An iron chandelier is hung by a rope between the two tables.
There is a pair of doors at the other end of the hall.
the PCs hear metallic clinking, slowly growing closer and closer.
The sound appears to be coming from beneath the two tables.
Nienna shoots an arrow at the rope holding the chandelier, and it comes crashing down onto the two tables. from the wreckage emerge two large iron snakes.
After defeating the snakes, the party considers the two doors.
One has a large Epsilon on it, and the other has an Omicron.
The party notices a small starfish-like symbol inscribed inside the Omicron.

The characters knock on the other door. Charles DuBois claims to be the pizza delivery man.
He is very convincing.
Inside the room is a young man with a scraggy beard in a black robe
and two other men in grey robes staring at you.There is another gear wheel on the wall.
The man in black addresses you: “Who are you and what are you doing in my house?”
Charles admits that he is not, in fact, the pizza delivery man, but that he’s looking for the book same as he. The man turns out to be Ernesto. They converse for around 15 minutes before Ernesto decides not to team up with the adventurers, because they’ve probably seen some stuff in his house which the authorities wouldn’t approve of.
He throws off his cloak, beneath which he was wearing a slightly smaller cloak.
He starts spinning a spiked chain and shouts “Pledges: Attack!”
The two men in grey robes rush at the party, brandishing maces.
After taking them out, they fight Ernesto, deciding not to kill him after they beat him unconscious.

The wheel on the wall lowers a rope ladder, which leads to Ernesto’s private quarters, which contain, among other things, a small bed, a bookshelf, and numerous pieces of paper nailed to the wooden posts in the walls.
On one of them is found:
An Introduction to Chaos
Ucian and Davio Ebonfog
Published by Darkprentice Hall
ISBN (International Scrying Beacon Number): 0-06-098903-3

The adventurers proceed to get the freak out.



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