An Introduction to Chaos

The Book (Synopsis)

A mysterious textbook requests leads to an encounter with the morally grey arts...

While visiting the city of Cysgod, the adventurers decide to browse around
The Tinshrift Wonderbook Emporium (and Gallery), drawn in by the vibrant
colors and impressive typography on the shop’s sign.
Unfortunately, it turns out to be a used textbook store, and the
only reason why the adventurers are still hanging around is because the owner,
Dirk Tinshrift, won’t stop talking. He is a small, nervous man, his face
adorned with oversized spectacles, and wearing a green apron over
his white robes. He excitedly shows them his numerous watercolor
paintings, which adorn the walls. They are all paintings of
famous textbooks.
LOOK.” he says, fiercely gesticulating at three paintings
which are showcased above the register. “These are my FAVORITES!
‘Advanced Telekinetics’, ‘Studying for the Occlumency GRE
and… oh! ‘Arcane Haberdashery!’ You probably took that, didn’t you!”
he laughs, elbowing Nienna in the ribs.
“Wellll here I am, blathering on again! What brings you fair folks to
Cysgod? I take it you’re not students at the university, hah!”

The adventurers inform him that they are not, in fact, students at the
university, and that they must be getting on their way.

“Oh! But… maybe you can help me with something!
This one fellow keeps coming in, looking for a copy of
ahhhhh “Introduction to Chaos”, but that’s a volume
I’ve never heard of before, and that’s a rare occurrence,
I’ll tell ye that! Let’s see here…"
He leafs through a large leather-bound tome which
takes up most of the space at the counter.
“Ah, yes. ‘Introduction to Chaos’. He hasn’t listed an
author, or publisher, or Scrying Beacon Number… sorry,
I-S-B-N. But if you went and asked him about it I’m sure
he could give you more information. He’s named Ernesto Jenkins.
He seems eager to find it, too, he says he’ll give me… well,er… I’ll give you
200 gold… Total, of course. Well, that’s final. Good! Oh that would
be ever so helpful! I mean, you will help me, won’t you?”

Charles DuBois uses his charismatic demeanor to convince Dirk to
double the amount, and the adventurers agree to the contract.

The players go to the college bookstore… nothing.
They go to the library… nothing.
It appears the textbook is not for one of the classes being offered at the university.
Even the librarian knows nothing about the book, but she is able to locate Ernesto Jenkins
in the library records. He had been a graduate student but dropped out a few years ago.
He was also a member of the Epsilon Omega fraternity, whose current headquarters is currently above The Lyre and Talon Inn.

The adventurers venture to the inn, and, after buying a round of drinks for the college-aged patrons, inquire after Ernesto. It appears that he was in fact a member of the fraternity, but
his studies in the “morally-grey arts” led him deeper and deeper into seclusion, and when he graduated, he used the money available to him in his trust fund to purchase the frat house (at 42 Ominous Tower drive), in order to continue using it for “further studies”.

The party decides to go and check it out.



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